Antique Style Gold Candelabra Centerpiece with Crystals

Antique style candelabra centerpiece with hanging crystals.

A lovely candelabra with an antique gold finish to add an accent to your dining room,

its covered in beads and faux crystals  to add some bling to your table.

Just add 4 tealight candles and food and your dinner party is well on its way !

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Amber & Antique Gold Beaded Candelabra

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3 Responses to “Antique Style Gold Candelabra Centerpiece with Crystals”

  1. Sicilia Marzouk says:

    Do you have the same design but taller? 4 feet tall?
    Thank you

  2. Zeenah Zahn says:

    Hi Sicilia
    There is a 29 inch candelabra of similar style available, as far as I am aware the manufacturer does not make any in this style that are 4 feet tall.
    you can click the link below to see the 29 inch candelabra

    Hope this is of help to you!

  3. Zeenah Zahn says:

    Also you check out this blog post where i showcase several other candelabras that have a similar style


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