Bronze Gold and Amber Beaded Candelabras

Stunning beaded Candelabra’s in Gold and Bronze

 In an earlier post I featured an antique look gold and amber beaded candelabra.

I’ve been asked what other similar Candelabras are available in different sizes…

Check out the gorgeous selection of Gold  and Bronze  Amber beaded Candelabras

Click on any of the pictures below to find out more info.

Bronze-Gold and Amber Beaded Votive Candelabra Amber & Antique Gold 18inch High Beaded Candelabra                                 18 inch high
 French Taper High Droplets Candelabra                          Tall 29 inch high French Taper 19 and half inch High Droplets Candelabra                       19 and half inch high
Bronze and Gold Four Taper Candle CandelabraTall 29 inch high fFrench Taper Droplets Candelabra

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