Halloween Pumpkin Candelabra

How to make a Halloween Pumpkin Candelabra


Halloween Pumpkins don’t all have to be scary!

Elegant pumpkin Candelabra for Halloween

I came across this image of a Candelabra on a Pumpkin

it’s an actual sculpture, not  real pumpkin but it gave me an idea….


How to make a Halloween Pumpkin Candelabra

  1. Find a picture of a silhouette of a Candelabra  (click here for an idea of what I mean)
  2. Find a pumpkin of the right size – say a little taller than the image you’ve got
  3. Hold the piece of paper against the pumpkin and use a hard or sharp implement to trace along the outline of the Candelabra silhouette – press hard enough so you mark the pumpkins skin
  4. Remove the paper and you will see the outline you have traced
  5. Now carve out the silhouette so it becomes an embossed shape on the pumpkin
  6. For best effect choose a pumpkin that has a different color skin to the insides of the pumpkin, so your carving really stands out

OR for a simpler project

You could just paint or glue  your Candelabra silhouette onto the pumpkin!


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