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halloween pillar candles

Make Black Halloween Candles for your Candelabra

How to Make Black Halloween Candles for your Candelabra


It’ll be Halloween soon – the perfect excuse to dress up and feature your Candelabra!

halloween pillar candles

This Halloween Project works really well with a floor Candelabra. (click to see one)

but can be used on a hearth candelabra

or any other type of candelabra too for that matter !


You’ll be making some black Halloween pillar candles to put on your Candelabra.

What you’ll need:

  • Black paint
  • cardboard tubes eg. Empty gift-wrap rolls, wc paper rolls, etc
  • cardboard (use an old cereal box)
  • glue gun and glue sticks
  • L.E.D.tea lights     (to see an example CLICK HERE)
  • black tissue paper   (like this)

Instructions:  click here for the instructions and pictures for each step


If you don’t have a Candelabra that suits this project, that’s ok

you can just make a centerpiece with your Halloween Candles,

they look very dramatic with a feather boa wreath.

halloween pillar candles

Here’s the link to Marilyn’s Blog where she posted this project which I’m sharing with you

– she also has other Halloween projects on her site.

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