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Dripless Smokeless Candles gold

Dripless Candles for Candelabra Centerpieces

Dripless Smokeless Candles goldDripless Candles for Your Candelabra Centerpiece

Don’t let your Candelabra Centerpiece experience be ruined by dripping candle wax. The mess that dripping candles leave on the table cloth and on the Candelabra represents time you need to spend cleaning that you needn’t have if you’d avoided the problem in the first place.

There are plenty of dripless Candles on the market which will save you the hassle, here are a few examples,

if you want to know more just CLICK ON THE PICTURE of the DRIPLESS CANDLES to the right hand side.

If its a little too late and you’ve already got a dripped wax situation to clean up,
then check out my post on how to remove candle wax by clicking here.


Or you could use Bobeche, these are a beautifully elegant way to avoid the problem in the first place – to find out more check out my post on bobeche by clicking here.


Of course you may decide you quite like the look of dripping wax on your Candelabra, it certainly creates a unique effect that would be suitable for less formal occasions, or for Halloween for example.


What’s your view? Do you like dripping wax or hate it? share your comment below…

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