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cobweb candelabra

Dripping Bronze Candelabra for Halloween

Limited Edition Dripping Bronze Candelabra for Halloween


 I hope you enjoyed the Candelabra based Halloween projects I’ve been posting.

There’s still time to have a go at them if you haven’t already!

And one simple last minute project – get lots of fake cobwebs and drape them on your Candelabra!

Don’t know where to get fake cobwebs ???  just CLICK HERE


Or check out the Candelabra in this picture – its actually made to look like dripping wax!

This is a limited edition of 12 pieces so if you want one visit the site here, or click on the picture.

cobweb candelabra Claire_de_Lune

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Bobeche stop dripping Candle wax

Bobeche stop dripping Candle wax

from ruining your Candelabra Centerpiece


Bobeche are a beautifully elegant way of avoiding Candle Wax from dripping

down all over your Candelabra Centerpiece or Candle holder.

Bobeche Clear Crystal Bobeche Gold Border crystal Bobeche Candle Ring with 3 Hanging Crystals


What are Bobeche?

Simply put they are “collar rings” typically made of glass, crystal or metal,

that catch the wax on your candelabra,

so that it doesn’t drip all over the Candelabra arm or onto your furniture or table cloth.



Bobeche can be beautifully decorative with hanging crystals, engraved designs and fancy shapes,

but they also come in less ornate formats just as simple ‘dish’ like rings

that will blend in the design of your candelabra or candlestick holder.


Bobeche Blue With Gold Border Crystal Clear Teardrop Acrylic Bobeche Candle Ring


On some Bobeche you can remove the hanging crystals making them a versatile decor item

as well as keeping their function of stopping dripping wax.


Click on any of the Bobeche pictures

for more information, or to buy one and to stop dripping wax now!



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