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Halloween candelabras

Collection of Halloween Candelabras

Perfect Candle Holders for Halloween


Halloween is not far away

The perfect time to feature a Candelabra

the Dark and spooky type that is, 

because the rest of the year Candelabras

are pleasant and romantic !


here is a collection of Halloween Candelabras

click the picture to purchase    or to find out more

Halloween Candelabra with spiderweb design  Metal Spider Web Candelabra

~Halloween candles sold separately

  see below to get these

 Halloween prop CANDELABRA LOT. lot of 2. Screaming and GOTHIC CANDELABRAS.

set of 2 Screaming and GOTHIC CANDELABRAS.

click the picture to purchase
Black Gothic Triple Candelabra Halloween

three flickering LED candles on this gothic

Halloween candelabra

 Battery Operated LED Lighted Black Glittered Halloween Candelabra with Taper Candles

Battery operated taper Candles on this candelabra

for a safe prop to carry around

while you are trick or treating

 gothic HALLOWEEN set off 2 Goth Castle Black Candle Holder Candelabra

more gothic candelabras !

 Black Wrought Iron Gothic Candelabra
click the picture to purchase
Purple Halloween Spider & Web Black Metal Candelabra

purple Halloween spider candelabra


Cheap Black Acrylic Candelabra with Warm White LED Candles

cheap black acrylic candelabra perfect for a classy Halloween



The Nightmare Before Christmas Christmas Jack Skellington Candelabra 10 inch disney

The Nightmare Before Christmas Christmas

Jack Skellington Candelabra

 Halloween black 3d paper candelabra

Halloween black 3d paper candelabra

click the picture to purchase
 Halloween Tea Towels Candelabra

Halloween Tea Towels 


12 Black 3-D Spiderweb paper Candelabra Halloween Candelabra Centerpiece

Spiderweb cardboard Candelabra for Halloween

Bleeding Tapers Candles Halloween Decor, Red Bleed, 2-piece

Bleeding taper candles for your Halloween Candelabra,

As the white Candle burns, it drips blood red wax

Halloween Candealabra Accessories Kit with spiders

Candelabra Accessories Kit with paper candelabra

Halloween Spider Taper Candles. 5 pcs set

set of 5 Halloween cobweb candles only

for the candelabra see above

Halloween Gothic paper Candelabra Centrepiece Pk2

another paper 3d candelabra !

click the picture to purchase
100 Artificial Spiders HALLOWEEN PROP

pack of  100 Halloween spiders

to put on your Halloween Candelabras

 Halloween Flickering Taper Candles

Halloween Flickering Taper Candles for your candelabra



Every Halloween Candelabra needs….

 lots of fake cobwebs!! just drape them on your Candelabra!

(but be careful they don’t catch fire!)

Don’t know where to get fake cobwebs ??? CLICK HERE

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halloween pillar candles

Make Black Halloween Candles for your Candelabra

How to Make Black Halloween Candles for your Candelabra


It’ll be Halloween soon – the perfect excuse to dress up and feature your Candelabra!

halloween pillar candles

This Halloween Project works really well with a floor Candelabra. (click to see one)

but can be used on a hearth candelabra

or any other type of candelabra too for that matter !


You’ll be making some black Halloween pillar candles to put on your Candelabra.

What you’ll need:

  • Black paint
  • cardboard tubes eg. Empty gift-wrap rolls, wc paper rolls, etc
  • cardboard (use an old cereal box)
  • glue gun and glue sticks
  • L.E.D.tea lights     (to see an example CLICK HERE)
  • black tissue paper   (like this)

Instructions:  click here for the instructions and pictures for each step


If you don’t have a Candelabra that suits this project, that’s ok

you can just make a centerpiece with your Halloween Candles,

they look very dramatic with a feather boa wreath.

halloween pillar candles

Here’s the link to Marilyn’s Blog where she posted this project which I’m sharing with you

– she also has other Halloween projects on her site.

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