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Candelabra silhouette

Black Candelabra Silhouette Decor

Flat Black Candelabra Silhouette


This may not be a 3D Candelabra Centerpiece….

but its a really great way to enjoy a Candelabra  – a Black Candelabra –

if you don’t have much room on your dining table


This PVC sticker Candelabra will stick to your wall,

instantly adding a silhouette of a Candelabra and all its connotations of style and class to your room.


Its a temporary sticker The French call it  les Ephemeres”

so it will come off once you decide that its time for a real Black Candelabra.

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Removable Stickers - Candelabra silhouette

Or if you want the same effect in a frame instead of a wall sticker

have a look at this Candelabra silhouette below

click the picture to buy now or find out more

Framed Candelabra Silhouette Wall Décor

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