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halloween black Candelabra

How to make a Vintage Black Candelabra for Halloween

How to make a Vintage Black Candelabra for Halloween


Do you want a Vintage Black Candelabra that’s not ugly and plastic?

There’s no tacky spray paint job in this Halloween Candelabra project

halloween black Candelabra

You’ll need:

  • A Candelabra that you don’t mind getting damaged                                                     (click here for a simple one)
  • Black tissue paper     (like this)
  • Glue         (use a PVA glue like Elmers)


  • Tear up the tissue paper into little strips and glue it onto the Candelabra !
  • Oh, and then add some black candles and cobwebs!


This project is from “Marilyns Blog”, she has heaps of other Halloween projects on her site,

click here to see her full instructions and pictures.


Here’s what the Candelabra looks like half complete….

halloween black Candelabra in progress


The technique creates a great Halloween effect don’t you think?

Feel free to Comment and share your ideas below.

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