Battery Powered Candelabra

Battery Powered Candelabra


LED  Faux Flame and Hanging Teardrops Candelabra

in high glossy Black

for a bit of fun if you don’t want to worry about keeping an eye on real Candles


on sale now – save 36%       only $15.95

click the picture to buy now or find out more

LED Decorative Candelabra - Black

2 Responses to “Battery Powered Candelabra”

  1. Celine Marsolais says:

    Can you please tell me if we can get those cheap plastic black candelabra with led candle? We need about 10 and they are currently unavailable on amazon.

    Thank you for your help

    My phone number is [###-###-##] is you need to call me :)


  2. Zeenah Zahn says:

    Hello Celine

    Thank you for your enquiry about the cheap plastic black candelabras with led candles.
    And my apologies for taking a bit to get back to you.

    They are in stock again now, just click on the picture above, and click the add to cart button.

    Enjoy your Candelabra’s! :)

    Kind regards


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