Candelabra flower project

Candelabra DIY flower project


Here’s another lovely Candelabra Centerpiece idea

Especially if you are having an outdoor wedding

No candles on this Candelabra!

Just flowers  – either cut or growing

a lovely planting of violets perhaps?

or herbs for your kitchen window sill?

either way a lovely DIY project


It will look best if you use a three arm Candelabra

some white spray paint,

some glue

and some of these….

Glass Shade with 2 1/4" Neck, Frosted


scroll down to see the inspiration for the finished product !

DIY Candelabra Planter


inspired by Redhead decorate

picture credit   redheadcandecorate. com /2014/05/candelabra-flower-pot-upcycled-ceiling-fan-shades/

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