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“What’s the Best Candelabra

for YOUR Wedding?”


Click the picture on the RHS to answer these and many more questions:


  • Are Candelabras right for my Wedding?
  • What types of Candelabras are there to choose from?
  • Can you show me examples I can buy?
  • Can I get the Candelabras to match my color theme?
  • Is it true that Candelabras don’t have to be as expensive as they look?
  • Should I have one Candelabra at the ceremony? Or lots? What type is best?
  • What about the reception? What type of Candelabra would be best….
  • Wow ! Are there really that many different types there are to choose from?!
  • Should I hire the Candelabras for my Wedding? Or should I buy the Candelabra’s for my Wedding?








Coming Soon : UK edition, Canadian edition, Europe edition & Australian edition.

Whats the Best Candelabra for Your Wedding




Click the picture on the LHS to discover

“How to Arrange Flowers

on a Candelabra” 


click the RHS picture to find out

the 3 ways to

“How to Remove Wax

from a

Candlestick holder

or Candelabra”


 How to remove wax from a candlestick holder or Candelabra
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