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Biscuit Porcelain Candelabra

Strange Biscuit Candelabra

What is a Biscuit Candelabra?


Can you eat it? No, but you should handwash it….

This is what it looks like …. (click the picture to buy now or find out more)

And to discover why its called a Biscuit candelabra scroll down

Biscuit Porcelain Candelabra

This is a Bisque porcelain Candelabra  which is  basically

a Candelabra made of a type of porcelain also known as biscuit porcelain

The fact that this particular Candelabra is in the shape of a cake

just makes it sound even more edible !!

Not sure about the scull and cross bones motive on the second tier though !

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