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Loop Candleholders - Set of 2

Metal Loop Candelabra Set








A Modern candelabra Set

for your sideboard  mantle or dining table

click the picture to purchase or to find out more


Loop Candleholders - Set of 2

click to purchase this set of 2 three arm candelabras


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16 Inch candelabra, Black glass

Black Glass Candelabra

Black Glass Candelabra


Do you have a black and white themed wedding or dinner party?

This black glass candelabra with hanging glass crystals could be the perfect centerpiece!


Click the picture to find out more.


16 Inch candelabra, Black glass

This Candelabra is on sale right now too – currently 30% off !

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white glass candelabra

Stylish Dinner Party Candelabra

What a modern stylish Candelabra Centerpiece!


This Glossy White Glass Candelabra will look simply stunning at a dinner party

simple lines  & understated elegance

This Candelabra is the ultimate statement for your next formal dinner

with plenty of opportunity to use it with Christmas and New Years Eve celebrations coming up!

Click the picture to find out more

glossy White Glass Candelabra

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dinner Candelabra

Dinner Table Candelabra

Lets do a Candelabra Dinner !


Most nights of the week we eat at home, so it’s easy to see why the phrase “luxury dining” brings up images of fancy restaurants

– the type of restaurant that we only ever go to for special occasions because of the equally fancy prices.

Imagine if you could have luxury dining any night of the week?

Indeed every night of the week if you felt like it – and without the restaurant bill.


Dinner Candelabra

Candelabra Centerpieces are a wonderful way to bring a true taste of luxury to your dining table.

This elegant ornament will bring the special ambiance of candle light into your home, so dim the lights,

add a little soft music and turn a simple home cooked meal into a luxury dining experience!


There are so many choices of Candelabra Centerpiece depending on your taste and mood;

silver  or crystal, two candles or many, tall, dramatic, simple, elegant, with flowers, without flowers…..the list goes on.


Bring a little taste of luxury into your everyday life with the addition of a Candelabra Centerpiece to your dining table.

What night of the week are you going to make your “Candelabra night”?


PS – if you liked the picture – click it !

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Candelabra Centerpiece Downton style

How to Host a Downton Abbey Dinner Party

First add a few Candelabra’s – of course!!   

check out the picture to get a feel for the Edwardian style grand table setting

the rest of the tips you’ll need are on Yahoo’s news and gossip page

including the fact you’ll probably need servants to cook clean and serve but don’t let that dampen things

oh and if its a really special occasion then the Granthams of Highclere Castle

would be serving a dinner of 22 courses not the normal 6 courses

so you’d better make sure your Candelabra’s are grand enough to match the lavish food on your table,

because in Downton times dinner parties were taken very seriously

dinner downton candelabra

here’s the link if you’re curious


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