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Romantic Heart Candle Set (Red)

Valentine’s day Candles

Valentine’s Day Candles


Where would your Valentine’s Day be without candles ?

How about this hand dipped and Carved

Romantic heart Candle set…


The Candle set on the LHS suits a unity candelabra

and could also feature at your Wedding as part of the ceremony

(see my free e-book for more info)


Or if you prefer a set of 2 taper candles see the RHS picture

available in Red or Pink


Click the pictures Below to purchase or find out more

UNITY CANDLE SET of 3 candles
Romantic Heart Candle Set (Red)
TAPER CANDLE SET of 2Valentine's Heart Taper candles
only 10 left in stock only 19 red left in stock & 20 pink left

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