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ivory crsytal candelabra centerpiece set of 15

Ivory Wedding Candelabras Set of 15 save $87.50

Ivory Wedding Candelabras Set of 15


the cheapest way to buy Wedding Candelabras is…

in sets and on sale!

so how about saving $87.50

on this set of 15 crystal and ivory Candelabra Centerpieces


simple and elegant wedding centerpieces

to make your special day glow – literally :)


to purchase your set   

or find out more CLICK the Picture

ivory crsytal candelabra centerpiece

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Cheap Wedding Candelabra on Sale

Cheap Wedding Candelabra on Sale


Ivory colored swirls with acrylic hanging crystals

what a stunning Candelabra for your wedding tables!

and the price is even more wonderful

on sale at the moment for just $18.64

that’s a saving of 53% !

and even when it’s not on sale

this is a Candelabra perfect for the smallest of budgets


shabby chic at its most elegant!

Great for gala dinner events and parties too

holds 3 pillar candles and is 16.2 x 5.1 x 14.5 inches


click the picture to Purchase   or to  find out more

Ivory Candelabra Wedding Candelabra Centerpiece Candle Holder

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