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Floor Candelabras for Weddings

Floor Candelabras for Weddings


There are several types of Floor Candelabras that can be used as Weddings

1. Freestanding floor Candelabras

2. Aisle Candelabras

3. Quick clamp Aisle Candelabras

(these clamp to the pews along the aisle)

Fan Floor Candelabra ~ Tree Floor Candelabra - Pillar Style - Onyx Bronze 1


Floor Candelabras for Weddings are a great way to make a statement

as they draw the eye and quickly set the tone of the room

or outside area that they are placed in.

Floor Candelabras can be used as:

·        decoration,

·        demarcation or

·        lighting

~3-Light Aisle Candelabra with Quick ClampFloor Unity Candelabra


Floor Candelabras can be used at a wedding ceremony or wedding reception,

and they look exceptional indoors or outdoors, or at entryways.


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 Six Light Crystal Floor Candelabra  1-Light Freestanding Aisle Candelabra - Pillar Style
 1-Light Aisle Candelabra with Quick Clamp - Willow  15-Light Fan Floor Candelabra expanded

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