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First Class Dinner Candelabras under $50

Need some cheap Candelabras for your next event?


Want to attend the last first class dinner on the Titanic?

without the watery ending?

The Marquette Maritime Museum in Michigan is having a Fundraiser Dinner in April

(as they do every year)

This event recreates the last first class dinner that was served on the Titanic.

And this year the dinner will  feature Candelabra Centerpieces on the tables….

what a fitting choice of centerpiece! Well yes ok I am a little biased ! ;)


I have been asked what Candelabras  there are in the $50 or less price range to suit this dinner…..

I thought this question might interest you too

so lets have a look what I have found….


as always click the pictures to find out more

Carrie told me that this Terra 14″ Silver Candelabrais what they are after

but there are only 2 in stock at the moment  – darn !

More coming soon though!!

This Candelabra is on sale at

the moment  for $45

But in the mean time….the Terra Candelabra also comes in anoff black finish,which is currently on saleat an ever cheaper price of $34.99  TERRA METAL 14inch CANDELABRA
first class looks dripping with glittering crystals thisivory colored Candelabra is currently on sale for $20.20  Ivory Candelabra Wedding Gift Centerpiece
Set of 10 white bejeweled candelabras

Each candelabra is 17 3/4″ tall

on sale at the moment at 50% off

set of 10 for $252

that’s $25.20 per Candelabra


or buy one individually here

 set of 10 Bejeweled Standing Candelabra Candle Holder
or the same bejeweled candelabrabut in black instead

set of 10  on sale at 58% offf

or $210.01that’s $21 per Candelabra

or buy one individually here

 set of 10 Black Candelabras
Set of 10  Red and black bejeweled candelabras  bit dramatic! bit romantic !set of 10 for $263

that’s 26.30 per Candelabraor buy one individually here

3 arm candelabraSilver look but Made of brass

stands 8.3″ tall$48.50 each

 Grehom Candle Holder - Silver; Made of Brass; 3 Arm Candle Holder ; Beautiful Gift delivered with 3 taper candles; Elegant Candelabra
 Aluminum Candelabra with Silver FinishHolds 3 Candles

currently on sale for $41.50save 26%

 Aluminum Candelabra with Silver Finish
Aluminum Candelabra Holds 5 Candlescurrently only 6 in stock…more on the way

on sale for $39.9943% off

 Intricately Designed Aluminum Candelabra Holds 5 Candles

Please note while there are plenty more candelabras under $50,

for many there are not 8 – 10 in stock just at the moment

so i have not listed them in this post as the museum is after 8-10 Candelabras

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